Last Build: March 6.

This returns a list of ranked revelancy citations with links all of the Philo4 powered versions of the Newberry French Revolution Collection (25,935 documents), the Baudouin Collection of Revolutionary Laws (20,702 divs), the Journaux de Marat (932 documents), the Archives Parlementaires (4,650 divs), Frantext 18th Century (15,185 divs, 795 documents), Selected 18th century documents of the Goldsmith-Kress Collection (201,000 divs, 5,855 documents), and ECCOFrench some duplicates removed (106,000 divs, 4,008 documents). Note that these links are to current production databases and not those use for this function and may not be exactly the same.

Search for:
        (e.g. conspirateurs aristocrates ennemis étrangères royalistes)
        Options:   OR search Limit: Show snippets (snippets can slow results down).
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Note: The FRC and Marat are handled as individual documents, so one document per file. The Rev Law, AP, and Frantext18th databases are evaluated as "divs", so file/volume is split in the load procedure on div1s and/or div2s reported with appropriate metadata.

We have put searches for the top ten words in each topic below. You may also block copy lists of words to the search box above and modify the parameters. Press HERE for a search of "constitution pouvoir droit liberte nation peuple autorite homme principe propriete" in documents published before 1789, using the OR operator, and displaying the top 500 instances.

Default search binds search terms with AND, which means you must have at least 1 instance of each search term in matching documents or it will return 0 results. Checking the "OR search" checkbox changes search term to OR. This will typically return many more documents but will start with those with the most relevant matches to your query. You can put in your own operators by leaving the OR box unchecked and using upper case operators such as (no quotes): "conspirateurs AND aristocrates OR étrangères AND royalistes". Limit sets the number of hits displayed. You can set this to 0 to get all results which is not advised for OR searches given the number of results you can get.

The results show the author, title, year, followed by the score (see below), the ID number which is a link to the PhiloLogic4 table of contents, the word Search which is a link that will search the document for the words you put in the query box (using an OR operator), and a Internet Archive identifier which will go to the first page of the document. Note that the IA does support word and phrase searching in documents, so you can use that to find instances of your words in the page images.

TopoLogic FRC 50 Topics (public build)

Link to Global 100 Topic Model Table Search

Global 50 Topic Model Table Search

Topic 0: Search: monarchie siecle ambition despotisme puissance moeurs prejuge monarque politique gouvernement
Topic 1: Search: question inconvenient opinion chose doute principe systeme avantage maniere circonstance
Topic 2: Search: comite convention decret rapport projet membre salut imprimerie petition legislation
Topic 3: Search: heure matin garde ville soir hotel porte nuit troupe detachement
Topic 4: Search: constitution pouvoir droit liberte nation peuple autorite homme principe propriete
Topic 5: Search: republique convention sceau scellee indivisible publier louvre signature registre foi
Topic 6: Search: eveque eglise pasteur concile diocese pape cure juridiction apotre fidele
Topic 7: Search: urgence resolution executee sceau republique teneur approuve declaration conseil secretaire
Topic 8: Search: tribunal jugement juge delit cassation jure procedure accusation prevenu police
Topic 9: Search: revenu impot depense dette finance fonds emprunt deficit ressource secours
Topic 10: Search: presente sceau mandon publier grace ordonnon decret royaume administratif regne
Topic 11: Search: officier capitaine compagnie bataillon regiment lieutenant grade soldat troupe service
Topic 12: Search: bail proprietaire fermier propriete domaine rachat indemnite redevance fief seigneur
Topic 13: Search: traitement pension employe service appointement somme depense indemnite annee franc
Topic 14: Search: grain subsistance recolte marche farine quantite pain denree prix bled
Topic 15: Search: resolution commission conseil ancien urgence rapport seance collegue projet solution
Topic 16: Search: crime sang vengeance horreur forfait victime scelerat mort monstre fureur
Topic 17: Search: sentiment patrie bonheur coeur concitoyen amour patriotisme discours confiance zele
Topic 18: Search: convention royaute jugement mort opinion peuple inviolabilite tyran souverainete peine
Topic 19: Search: assignat circulation monnaie numeraire billet papier valeur fabrication argent caisse
Topic 20: Search: voiture depense mission mandat compte livre voyage somme recette convention
Topic 21: Search: gens ami homme aristocrate honnete argent patriote chose monde peuple
Topic 22: Search: air scene ciel fille plaisir allon toi femme coeur epoux
Topic 23: Search: enfant mariage succession pere mere famille parent heritier femme mari
Topic 24: Search: guerre armee paix ennemi troupe frontiere pays traite general arme
Topic 25: Search: commissaire administration bureau surveillance administrateur commis operation police ministre commission
Topic 26: Search: acte suite serment sorte sort fonction liste action defense section
Topic 27: Search: directoire departement ministre arrete message partement administrateur administration execution present
Topic 28: Search: marine port vaisseau batiment colonie marin navire navigation equipage matelot
Topic 29: Search: parlement cour edit ordonnance arret chambre magistrat procureur bailliage enregistrement
Topic 30: Search: municipalite district procureur municipau officier maire ville departement registre imprimeur
Topic 31: Search: noblesse depute clerge province tiers ordre deliberation privilege bailliage convocation
Topic 32: Search: article delai publication disposition emigre cas declaration domicile mois certificat
Topic 33: Search: election electeur nomination assemblee scrutin majorite elu choix membre votant
Topic 34: Search: president secretaire inspecteur proces depot seance imprimerie copie representant section
Topic 35: Search: saint chevalier comte antoine marquis marie baron fils millimetre etienne
Topic 36: Search: contribution contribuable role imposition repartition recouvrement taxe perception fonciere impot
Topic 37: Search: creancier debiteur creance rente capital paiement contrat transaction obligation numeraire
Topic 38: Search: vente acquereur national adjudication prix estimation alienation acquisition expert montant
Topic 39: Search: patriote republique jacobin republicain revolution ami conspirateur societe liberte faction
Topic 40: Search: liquidation office dette finance creance remboursement creancier titre quittance titulaire
Topic 41: Search: commune canton departement administration habitant arrondissement population chef territoire lieu
Topic 42: Search: lettre reponse conduite preuve denonciation calomnie piece affaire ecrit memoire
Topic 43: Search: religion culte pretre eglise dieu fanatisme morale autel clerge divinite
Topic 44: Search: liberte gloire patrie victoire tyran heros fete peuple guerrier soldat
Topic 45: Search: ouvrage volume auteur histoire edition livre journal collection feuille oeuvre
Topic 46: Search: majeste roi royaume sujet trone monarque prince ministre nation reine
Topic 47: Search: receveur recette comptabilite caisse tresorerie prepose compte treforerie comptable regie
Topic 48: Search: ecole instruction eleve art instituteur education science professeur etude etablissement
Topic 49: Search: commerce marchandise industrie manufacture tarif agriculture fabrique fabrication douane consommation

This is using Python Whoosh. The index is generated from the words indexed by the PhiloLogic4 load, which have been stemmed and had accented removed. I have now included the optional show snippets, since we are using a variety of databases. Results are sorted by default score ( BM25).

The whoosh index is generated using the PhiloLogic4 data files in words_and_philo_ids which are generated at load time using Clovis' Text PreProcessing Library. There is a simple script run from the data directory of the PhiloLogic4 database you want to use under Whoosh. In this instance (script), we're loading from a list (of four) databases. This reads all of the files in words_and_philo_ids and outputs structured data which are then put into the Whoosh indexer. Sample text preprocessing arguments:
preproc = PreProcessor(
This is then applied to generate index data using a standard schema
schema = Schema(filename=TEXT(stored=True), author=TEXT(stored=True),
            title=TEXT(stored=True), date=TEXT(stored=True), year=TEXT(stored=True),
            philoid=TEXT(stored=True), divdate=TEXT(stored=True), divhead=TEXT(stored=True),
            philodbname=TEXT(stored=True), content=TEXT(stored=True, analyzer=myan)
From a list of Philo4 databases
we extract the metadata and text content from the returned objects and load them into the Whoosh index.
for text_object in preproc.process_texts(files2process):
        textobject = " ".join(text_object)
        philoid = text_object.metadata.get("philo_id")
        author = text_object.metadata.get("author")
        title = text_object.metadata.get("title")
        date = text_object.metadata.get("create_date")
        divdate = text_object.metadata.get("create_date")
        divhead = text_object.metadata.get("head")
        year = text_object.metadata.get("year")
        filename = text_object.metadata.get("filename")
        index_writer.add_document(philoid=philoid, author=author, title=title, date=date, year=year, filename=filename, divdate=divdate, divhead=divhead, content=textobject)
We will replicate this basic procedure for all of the operations for the Intertextual Hub.